Added Value Services

Our unique services set us apart from our competition.

Construction Services

Through our decades of experience in association management, we realized that not
only are we getting older, but the communities we manage are as well. And with that
age, we’ve seen the construction needs of our clients change to and we’ve stepped
forward with new tools and resources to protect best interests of our associations. DNI is leading the industry in the development and implementation of our Construction
Services program. Through this optional service, our clients receive start to finish
service to ensure your project’s success.

DNI’s experienced staff handles writing the scope of work, the bidding process and
when the Board selects a contractor – DNI’s exclusive vendor contract replaces the
contractor’s agreement so that your association is protected from all aspects including
liability and so that there is recourse on contractor defaults. And the service doesn’t stop there, DNI verifies proper insurance and handles potential change orders, partial lien waivers, material lien waivers (as needed), final lien waivers, collection of warranties and assembly of a document file on project completion. All-in-all our clients receive a list of 33 project deliverables.

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Maintenance & DNI’s Approved Vendor List

DNI wants to be your trusted partner in managing your community with your association’s best interests at the heart of all the actions we take on your behalf. And
that is why DNI does not provide an in-house maintenance division because we see
profiting off of your community’s repairs as a conflict of interest. We find this different
approach, a better approach for our clients.

DNI maintains a list of hundreds of qualified vendors that we have vetted and who have
signed DNI’s exclusive maintenance agreement. Our 4-page agreement addresses
quality, response time, personnel, licenses and permits, collateral damage, required
insurance and an established warranty on the standard and quality of the work
performed, and the materials used. This ensures that our clients receive the right
contractor for the right job at the right price and that the work is guaranteed. Sounds like the right choice to me.

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Insurance Program

Insurance is critically important for your community, but do you know if your association
is properly insured and includes all property and ancillary coverages that you need?
Don’t wait until you need to use your insurance to find out if you have the right

At DNI, we’ve developed our own industry leading insurance program to ensure our
clients’ policies meet the requirements in their governing documents, for the state of
Missouri and that protect you as a volunteer board member. DNI starts by vetting the
brokers and agents that provide bids to your association and then requires the ones that we approve to sign an agreement that they will abide by our conditions and provisions in their practices and presentation of data. DNI’s approved insurance vendors must submit their bids using our Insurance Bid Summary form which allows our board members to easily review competing bids and gives them the piece of mind that their community is properly insured and protected.

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DNI Properties strives to use technology to enhance the services that we provide our
clients, however, we do not see technology as a replacement for the core of what we do
– personalized customer service.

Our software – DNI has partnered with one of our industry’s leading software
companies to provide us with customized tools and resources designed to meet our
industry specific needs. This translates into systems for work order processing,
restriction enforcement, delinquency processing and reports that all for tracking these

Our online portal – DNI offers our clients an optional online internet portal providing 24/7 access to homeowner account information, association documents, payment of
assessments and more. Board members can also access a “Board only” restricted
portal for access to monthly financials, delinquency information, contracts, reports and
meeting agendas and minutes.

Our real estate services – DNI has partnered with to provide
documents for all real estate transactions. Orders are placed electronically, and
documents are delivered via email immediately after they have been reviewed and
completed by our staff. DNI also electronically delivers copies of the governing
documents to every title company so that they can be provided to the new buyers at the
time of purchase.

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Reserve Studies

DNI is proud of our close association with our sister company, Asset Guardians. General Manager Kris Kern has over 20 years of construction experience and he is the only local reserve study provider that is nationally certified. Asset Guardians also provides FHA certification and re-certification services and construction oversight and administration services.